February 4th, 2009

MST3K - fish

I have a cold. Colds suck.

We had English outside today, which was nice - of course, pretty much all of the comments I got on my paper were about half a sentence long and meaningless, because I give most people yearbook syndrome (yes, every single yearbook I've ever gotten has about fifty "You're so smart! Good luck next year!" with nothing else - at HX, of course, I got more, "Good luck! Don't get AIDS!" because HXers are effed up in the head, y'all).

Our assignment was to write 400-500 words in the format of "I have _____; I have _____;" etc. If anyone cares, this is mine:
Collapse )

And now, time for forensic anthropology! Which is full of people who make things far more complicated than they ever need to be - which, really, applies to most people.