February 26th, 2009

HP - cunning plan.

I plan too much and do too little. Case in point:

So I've been planning a HP fic where a slightly AU next gen group (along with Harry) winds up in canon timeline MWPP era. I've decided that the key to hilarity is for every single damn character to be connected to each other about fifty ways, which is surprisingly easy given, well, the Weasley family. Collapse )

So, long story... well, shorter, I now have a character list of almost twenty ridiculously connected next-gen kids. Part of me is thinking, Hm, this might be better off as a RPG. On the other hand, who would want to play something as cracked out as this, I ask you?

Maybe I should make a next-gen/MWPP time travel (and/or AU travel) RPG with vaguer terms? In that case, should I make it 'a group of next-gen comes to MWPP', 'a group of MWPP comes to next-gen', or 'people randomly shift in and out of time in a confusing manner'? I think the third idea is the most interesting, but the second is most do-able. Eh, whatevs. Maybe I'll get bored and do a poll in a bit.