March 8th, 2009


I need a Naruto icon. Or at least an anime one.

So I was wondering why I was having ramen for the second meal in a row. And then I realized: I've been reading Naruto fanfiction. Which always makes me want ramen, even if the fic never mentions ramen. Iiiii am pathetic. Oh yeah. But it's not stopping me from putting miso ramen on the shopping list (and possibly puppy-dog-eying my mom so she'll head down to E Mart to actually get some, since the chain groceries around here tend to only sell chicken and beef).
MST3K - fish

Sims 2

I just remembered why I don't start a Sims 2 Legacy with a guy who sleeps around to the point of having three different fathers for his ten kids (look, don't ask): Because the dude he eventually married? Is now highly attracted to his step-son, who he has raised since toddler stage.

...oh god, plz talk me out of doing what I'm thinking about doing. *whimper*
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