April 1st, 2009

MST3K - fish

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So. I had to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn (better known as 8am, yes I really do never get up that early) in order to make it to work for class photos. Which was hilarious. I mean, you ever try getting 19 two year olds and six teachers (two of whom are the size of two people, and yes I am one of those) into one shot? Or, for that matter, try and get 19 two-year-olds to even look in the same direction at once?

We did manage it, by virtue of a quacking duck puppet. Of course, Mavie and Liam were cracking up hysterically, and Ronin and some others were pointing at it, so I'm not sure quite how it'll all turn out. But I got to hold Ro-ro, so I don't care!

But anyway, I now have three hours to kill before class. And I can't even play City of Heroes, due to the stupid school network. Oh well, time to break out the Sims/Pokemon/various emulator games/fanfics!