April 13th, 2009

LOCI - books?

An update for the day - because I'm too lazy for creative titles.

Ugh. I just hauled ass from the Tivoli to South wearing a sweater. It's supposedly 66 degrees out - my ass, maybe in the shade it is, not in the sun. And, of course, the anthro lab and the computer lab are two of the hottest places on campus (imho), so I've been feeling the urge to crawl into a freezer.

I've been playing much Sims 2, currently raising the third(!) generation of my Legacy. It's a set of quadruplets: they all have brown eyes, Quinn and Sam are blond, Teyla has red hair, and Rorschach has brown hair. He also has darker skin than his siblings. And, in a move that is pure Rorschach, he managed to piss off the nanny so bad as a toddler that she keeps coming by and stealing the newspaper with him in a hate bubble. Smooth, Rory, smooth.

But most importantly, I have been reading Bloodhound, and it is awesome. Granted, I was once obsessed enough with counterfeiting to want to work the Secret Service rather than FBI, so I'm perhaps a bit biased. I also should get over rooting for Beka to get together with pretty much every guy she comes across.
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