April 20th, 2009

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Obligatory Columbine Post.

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Remembering Columbine also brought up another, more recent memory, from Humanex. There'd been another school shooting (albeit with far less casualties), and Dave had us talk about in Girl's Group. He had a print-out of warning signs for school shooters, and asked us to raise our hands (if we wanted to) if the sign applied to us.

And nearly all of us raised our hands for nearly all of them. And yet I always felt safer at Humanex than at any other school - probably because as batshit you'd have to be to shoot up your school, you'd have to be triple that to try and go after Humanex. Plus, to be honest, that's a level of premeditation probably only Julia and I would consider, and we'd be far more likely to choose a murder method that would leave us uncaught.

The main thing that stands out from the aftermath of Columbine is that even at that age, when I was fairly well ostracized and occasionally beat up, I never even thought about sympathizing with Klebold and Harris. Not once. One of the few times in my life I've been that clear-cut on anything, even horrific crimes.
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21JS - Duh!

Iiii almost passed out in the middle of my forensic anthro quiz.

Gah. Managed to get my paper written... about 400 words more than I needed, even. And with no sleep, of course, which makes my skin and hair and everything feel gross and I must resist the urge to wash my hands compulsively.

I've had a profile on FFN for over nine years now. NINE YEARS, YOU GUYS. I'm only nineteen, I don't need this pressure! (For your fyi that was too much tmi, I have been on LJ for 6.5 years.)

Also: wtf, last.fm? Why are my last three played songs the Jonas Brothers? I don't listen to them! I don't even have any of their songs on my iTunes, for cryin' out loud!

Speaking of, one day I should go through my profile and my communities and remove things that no longer apply/are deleted. I mean, I'm a member of over 600 communities. Over 200 of which are friended! Godineedalife.
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