June 19th, 2009

06 - Gallow's Humor


Long time no talk, LJ! That's what happens when you break your damn laptop screen, I suppose. But now I have time (read: hours upon hours) to kill at an airport, so I shall blog!

I'll be trying JulNoWriMo again this year, but I can't decide what to write. I could work on one of my fanfics - they allow previously started stories. But I once again feel the urge to write something original and possibly publishable. BUT I HAVE TOO MANY IDEAS!

1. iFiles - the FBI's squad that investigates the far reaches of the Internet (read: there's an Agent 4chan). I have a full cast list and vague plot for this, but I honestly think it would work better as a comic than a story.

2. This dream I had the other night - sort of a Harry Potter/Animorphs/Obernewtyn fusion. There's an 'information night' for a new academy of the best and brightest (it would be set in a slightly dystopic future), and after all the children and teens arrive, the "teachers" essentially either seduce them to the dark side, or imprison them. A small group, in their panic, activate previously unknown abilities, and shift into an animal form. From there, they go on the run as the academy enslaves the entire island (think more England size than Hawaii size). They can only do one animal - there's four girls, who shift into a bear, a snake, an owl, and an eagle - bear!girl is immediately captured due to the size of her animal, and eagle!girl learns to shift into other bird forms eventually. There's three boys - a mouse, some sort of weasel-type creature that's bigger than a ferret but smaller than a badger (I'm currently thinking meercat), and... I'm not sure what the last boy is. Monkey, maybe.

3. Dmitri Jones, Henchman - I recently rediscovered what I've written for this series, and realized it's kindof awesome, so I'm thinking about picking it back up.

4. A Gallowsverse story, set between the two prequel short stories and Gallow's Humor, in which Ryan is set on the trail of an escaped Death Row inmate and hilarity ensues.

5. The Secret School - fantasy story set in a world similar to Dmitri, but a little less slapstick. Centering on the goings-on of a school for the 'darker' side of things - assassins, thieves, spies, bodyguards, etc.

...having typed all that out, I gotta say that I'm leaning towards #5.