September 27th, 2009

Red Eye - bill'n'kev

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biscuiteatingsob (10:53:38 PM): of the letters on RedEye tonight? Ends with "PS: Have you heard of Colorado? We have mountains."
theformerclarity (10:55:10 PM): I'm making that my Facebook status
biscuiteatingsob (10:55:17 PM): Good plan!
biscuiteatingsob (10:55:21 PM): I'll tweet it.
biscuiteatingsob (10:55:32 PM): ...I feel horribly first-world right now.
theformerclarity (10:56:01 PM): ...haaaa, me too. But then, we should have felt first world when we thought we had swine flu as we watched 80s sitcoms.
biscuiteatingsob (10:56:17 PM): ...good point.