August 5th, 2010

PJO - Luke, SPN - Adam

Sup bro?

You know what's a cross between hilarious and annoying? The fact that I had to keep renaming my fic tags on my delicious account to clarify the difference between Good Omens and Supernatural characters.

Also, I have not been updating LJ because recently, my thoughts have become more transient than most hookers, and therefore more suited to random updates on Facebook. When I bother posting anything at all, since I've been sucked into House and have spent the last few weeks watching all six seasons and scouring the tens of thousands of fics down to the ones I want to read. So yeah.

Oh, and on the off chance that anyone who reads my fics checks this - I'm working on the next chapter of Genius Does What it Must! I pushed past the block I was having for, uh, eight months (god I suck).