October 2nd, 2010

NCIS - camera

Star Trek/NCIS idea!

Random (BUT AWESOME) fic idea I had: NCIS/Star Trek 2009 crossover, where the NCIS cast was born in the future time period and wind up on the Enterprise as the security team. Ziva is an Andorian (c'mon, that description is perfect!); Gibbs re-enlists after the massacre of a good part of the fleet at Vulcan; McGee was an engineer who got pulled into security due to a mysterious lack of red shirts; Ducky came back because of the massacre too, is the ship's coroner and works under McCoy; Abby is a wacky civilian chemist; and Tony was assigned to the Enterprise in the hopes that he'd annoy Kirk.

The story would mostly be "Gibbs' team investigates things on the ship", with random entrance by Star Trek characters.