January 24th, 2011

MST3K - fish

My tweets

  • Sun, 19:57: RT @andylevy: Not leaving my apartment again until either it's spring or I finally master that teleportation spell.
  • Sun, 19:57: RT @andylevy: If you play Satan's new album backwards, you hear a voice saying "All hail the Black Eyed Peas."
  • Mon, 01:10: RT @greggutfeld: Steelers to the superbowl, Hawaii Five-0 up next. My god, it is 1974.
  • Mon, 01:12: Tonight's irl events. Friends: zomg dramaz! Me: trololololo! ...essentially.
  • Mon, 01:12: (Meaning: horrible friendship-breaking drama going on that doesn't involve me directly, my reaction is to watch and eat popcorn.)
  • Mon, 01:13: (I blame the internet, and also my sociopathic tendencies.)
  • Mon, 01:16: Come compare books with me on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/e30vyx