February 7th, 2011

MST3K - fish

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  • Sun, 18:32: RT @kdaleauthor: If you've accidentally encouraged a stalker, what you've brought on yourself are creepercussions. Also counts if a drum ...
  • Sun, 18:34: RT @wordwill: I was more excited when I thought today's television centerpiece was a superb owl.
  • Sun, 18:35: RT @IAmCastiel: If the angelic civil war prevents me from watching this year's Puppy Bowl, I will officially lose my temper.
  • Sun, 18:37: RT @ChadLindberg: I think I'm the only one who's not watching the Super Bowl today.#notasportsguy
  • Sun, 18:38: RT @feliciaday: My entire Tweet stream is filled with the Superbowl, or people being snarky about hating the Superbowl. I think I'll go ...