February 12th, 2011

MST3K - fish

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  • Fri, 12:19: RT @TheAuthorGuy: I'm happy for Egypt, but I'm only good for about 20 mins of ululating before I want to smack a bitch up. That's wrong, ...
  • Fri, 16:53: RT @joshuamneff: "I resign as leader of Egypt. No, not RESIGN! I REIGN! REIGN! DAMN YOU AUTOCORRECT!" -- Hosni Mubarak
  • Sat, 03:20: RT @budgie: Who'd have thought it? They were wrong. The revolution *was* televised.
  • Sat, 03:20: RT @kdaleauthor: Language is such a slut. It'll sleep with anybody and get pregnant with all kinds of foreign gerunds.