March 3rd, 2011

MST3K - fish

My tweets

  • Thu, 10:49: RT @andylevy: First good foursquare check in ever. RT @tylercoates: I'M STUCK (@ A FUCKING ELEVATOR)
  • Thu, 10:50: RT @StephenAtHome: Sometimes a picture can say it all. Especially if it's a picture of the words you're trying to say.
  • Thu, 10:51: RT @rockbandit: "The iPad is a true post-PC device." First thing you have to do when you turn on an iPad? Hook it up to a PC.
  • Thu, 10:55: RT @kdaleauthor: "There's FOUR stegosauruses, FIVE raptors and SIX triceratops." The minion is cooking dino nuggets. They're also arrang ...
  • Thu, 10:56: RT @StephenAtHome: Step one for economic recovery is probably negotiating with the raccoons who've taken over our abandoned factories.
  • Thu, 10:56: RT @CRA1G: The iPad 2 will be much faster at doing nothing I care about.