April 28th, 2011

MST3K - fish

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  • Wed, 12:34: Def just bought a pair of ice skates for $5.
  • Wed, 12:35: RT @andylevy: Fine, Obama released his birth certificate. Can we not lose sight of the fact that there is a royal wedding in two days? F ...
  • Wed, 12:35: RT @FakeeEtiquette: It is rude to ever say anything intended to be a factual statement.
  • Thu, 10:49: So we've got a damn good case. The prosecution has nothing. Yet we'll probably lose, because half the judges think they're prosecution.
  • Thu, 10:50: RT @FakeAPStylebook: Note that your "didn't we fight a war to get away from this bullshit" Royal Wedding editorial may not go over well.