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It's that time again... No, not Christmas time you saps!

My personal picks for TA3 (The Apprentice 3, if you didn't know), based on the one paragraph of info released so far (my thanks to both nbc.com and the TV Guide):

Bio: Alex, 29, was born and raised on an apple farm in Brewster, Washington. After leaving a career as a nationally ranked skier, Alex studied archaeology at Jerusalem University and completed degrees in Theology and Latin at Seattle Pacific University, where he won an award for his weekly editorial column in the college paper. In 2000, Alex moved to D.C. and lobbied for the apple industry and successfully oversaw the entire bidding and shipping logistics for the USDA's first-ever purchase of fresh apples for inclusion in humanitarian food aid programs. Alex just received his Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University School of Law, where he was the graduation speaker and President of the Federalist Society.
Why: He's good looking, plus... APPLES! And archaeology! And theology and Latin! And law! He's like, so awesome.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Confident."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP: I really need to quit picking people everyone else hates. But after reading that article of his, I have to say… I may not be a devout Christian or anything, but I agreed a lot with what he said. Not with his leaving out the word ‘to’ in one of the sentences, but… still.

Bio:Danny, 39, grew up in Cleveland where he left high school early to accept an academic scholarship to Cleveland State University. After earning his BA, Danny's creativity began to drive his academic and professional direction. He completed graduate coursework in music composition at Boston University, where he later joined the faculty, and studied at MIT's famed Media Lab. Danny's vision for combining art with commerce led him to develop several successful media and technology ventures. He is the founder, CEO and chief visionary for POPstick, a leader in innovating new media technologies. When Danny is out of the boardroom, he can be found writing and performing rock operas and symphonies. His musical talents have earned him four national composition awards.
Why: In much the same way that I want one of my future children to be named ‘Alexander’, I want another to be named ‘Daniel’. And you know what? This guy is more interesting than, uh, everyone but Andy on season two.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Unique."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP:Uh, not much. He’s not a big person to gossip on, except that they say he’s too cool for the show.

Bio: Craig, 37, has been married eleven years and is very proud of his four daughters. He was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, but raised in San Francisco. He is currently an EMT and firefighter working 24-hours a day, every 3 days. During his time off, Craig became a standing partner in the "Pinnacle Entertainment Group," a music conglomerate. Craig also created and developed a modest shoeshine franchise entitled, "Peaceful Feet Shoe Shine Inc."
Why: Again, good looking. Plus, he doesn’t seem like he’ll be aggravating like everyone else on the Street Smarts team (and before you all get worked up thinking I dislike people who don’t go to college, I’ll remind you that my father, the person I respect the most and who gets a very large salary, doesn’t even have a GED). Hell, he seems less aggravating than people on the Book Smarts team, too.
The one word Mark Burnett uses to describe him: "Amusing."
What I’ve learned from the postings on TWoP: Zip.

Who, me? Shallow? You bet your ass I am.

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