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Dark Angel, Keen Eddie, and what's that holiday thingie? Oh, right, Arbor Day!

This is brilliantly ironic.

A while back, I used to participate in the tvicontest (too lazy to do the linking thing) contests. Weeeeell, first week, I entered all three. They were all basically crap, but I won one of them (the other I got 'honorable mention' or something, and the third only one other person entered so there wasn't any awards). Guess what TV show the cap I made into my first-place icon was from?

Dark Angel.

No joke. That is freaking hilarious. The very first icon award I ever get, and it's for a show that I never would have watched had it not been for the hotness that is Michael Weatherly. Who I never would have drooled over had it not been for NCIS, which I never would have watched had my dad not been a Marine. That's fairly odd, innit?

I also watched about half of the series of Keen Eddie, and was reminded of my intense hatred for FOX. Firefly, John Doe, Dark Angel, the Jury, Wonderfalls, Keen Eddie... What the hell is with them, anyway?

Anywho, Christmas inventory:
- External hard drive
- Buffy season seven
- Some of those capsules that expand to sponges in water
- A 25$ gift card for Barnes & Noble

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