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*bounces* I'm booooorred..... Are you bored too, Mr. Computer? *Mr. Computer nods* I thought as much... Grr Argh! Grr Argh!

I'm not very coherent right now, am I, Mr. Computer? Oh, that reminds me, I need to turn in that philosophy book before it's overdue... Ah well.

Booooooorrred...... Need sleeeeeep.....

Mike, Dylan, and Jess are gonna kiiiilllllll me..... I don't have the stupid Iliad play typed up.... I wanna go home, me no likey school.... Me gots US History next, stupid required class! We've been learning frigging US History since Kindergarten, why must we take it again?!?!

I'm gonna go read fanfics now, before my head explodes. *boom noise is heard* Okay, too late...

Ya know what, I dun wanna read fanfics! I'll go and read Boy Meets Boy (http://boymeetsboy.keenspace.com)


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