Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Blame the champagne.

I think I like Randy now, although I really didn't like him before. Because he says he likes the original CSI, likes Miami EXCEPT for David Caruso, likes SG1 but doesn't like Atlantis because it's too soap opera-y, used to wear Battlestar Galactica socks when he was a kid... Come on!

So, the party was pretty fun, and we didn't even hit any drive-by Breathalyzers on the way home. I totally need a new CD player, though, because this five-year-old-tape-instead-of-battery-cover deal so isn't working. Had two glasses of champagne, and all it's seemed to do is make my thinking clearer, my balance better, and my confidence more. So there you go. I'm so going to have to keep myself halfway buzzed when I'm older, I'll get so much work done...

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