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Musical post, dawgs.

I've been pawing through my CDs looking for some good songs to use in music videos (VMars mostly, although I do have footage from NCIS and Jonny Zero, Jonny Zero basically is an hour long music video anyway). So yes, I have been listening to Good Charlotte and New Found Glory's self-titled CDs. Forgot how much I loved the old ones. NFG went great-eh-great with the self-titled, Sticks and Stones, and Catalyst, whereas GC went awesome-great-terrible with theirs.

Currently in my CD case, after cleaning it out:
The Living End's self-titled (the one Pammy got me, thank you Pammy!)
NFG's Catalyst
The New Guy soundtrack
Green Day's American Idiot (of course, I am an American teenager, you knew this would be in there)
NFG's Sticks and Stones
I Love the 90's soundtrack
Shrek soundtrack
Simple Plan's Still Not Getting Any
Kane's self-titled
Digimon soundtrack
Simple Plan's No Pads, No Helmets, Just Balls
The All-American Rejects' self-titled

I be such a trendy foo'.

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