Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

More musical goodness, and yes I AM waiting for a CSI rerun, why do you ask?

You know, I go through about twelve CDs, listening to about half the songs on each, and I'm perfectly fine, just listening for something that would make sense in Veronica Mars land.

Halfway through the first All-American Rejects song, I burst into song. How can you hate a group that uses 'epitome' and 'beseech' in their songs? Even if I did accidentally scratch this so half the songs are hard/impossible to make out. And even un-scratched, I can only make out half the chorus of 'Why Worry', which is still an awesome song if only for "Angry and gone/and the list goes on and on", because that's just beautiful right there.

It figures that the scratches only took out 'Time Stands Still' and 'One More Sad Song'. They're like, two of my faves! It also figures that the first song I find that's perfect would be perfect for a Duncan/Veronica vid. Eh, take what you can get.

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