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Real life stuff. Aaaah, scary. Yes, that was meant to be read in a deadpan voice.

The good thing about living in a suburb with more people than the entire state of Wyoming: A 2.3 GPA actually puts you in the top 60% at school

The bad thing about living in a suburb with more people than the entire state of Wyoming: When searching by location on LiveJournal, there's no way of telling if any of those folk are people you know. Plus, there will always be one person whose default icon is of a squirrel's balls.

Anyway, I also just got handed ownership of a community. Sure, it's one in which no one's posted since October, but still. Who in their right mind gives me any responsibility? We all remember the great fiasco of Lee-as-publicity-manager back in seventh grade when I did drama, right? Right? Because if you don't, suffice it to say that it ended with me having no idea what to do, and crying while writing 'I quit!' in large letters on a piece of paper, and dropping it and the publicity binder in the drama teacher's chair for her to find the next morning. Also the reason why I just went sort of 'Uhhh' when asked to be secretary for HHART, which, is it even meeting any more? I wouldn't know, since Cassie didn't show for the last ten Sociology classes.

Also: I used 'burning hot java' in a fic? Seriously?

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