Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Prooving that people are generally morons.

More evidence of my not-having-lifeness. I'd say lifelessness, but that doesn't sound good, does it? These are my results for various sorting quizzes (oh, and just assume there's a [sic] after all of them, since no one of FAPark seems to know how to type correctly). Not all are just sorting quizzes:

You are undeceive but know the best choice and in the end go with it. You are blunt and straight to the point. You do know what you want but getting there seems to be a problem. You would do well in several houses but I think that ill be putting you in Slytherin!

Griffin Blaire, you may well be the only one I have sorted into Hufflepuff who will not raise hell! Hufflepuff and Chaser!

Hello again, griffin blaire, you are Tonks and a mix of Hufflepuff, with a little bit of Slytherin. Go you!

GriffinBlaire, you are ClosedMinded!Hufflepuff. Now, don't be offended, I think Hufflepuffs are just really nice and sweet, the opposite of Slyterin, not duffers, ok? So, no yelling at me. You were raised a certian way so you don't see the less popular views of things. But you may come around soon.

griffin blaire..I'd put you in Gryffindor. You've got the gusto and the nerve. You're a fun person to be around with..although I think you maybe bottle your energy at times because there's a little too much for other people to understand and handle. (I have a similar problem) You are probably just concerned with living life and being happy, but if pushed or witness a wrong-doing, I have no doubt you'd rise to the occasion. The character you remind my most of is post-OOTP Ginny. Active, caring, and powerful, you're a force to be reckoned with. Just promise you'll use your powers for good.

Griffin-Blair - Yu are a Griffindor! You know what you are talking about, and when someone proves you wrong, you're furious!

Side note: My FAP name is griffin_blaire. No capitals or spaces, and not all run together. No one has gotten it right yet, although Griffin-Blair is probably the most annoying permutation.

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