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I blather on about books. Er, make that "book".

Why is it that it's always gay guys who I have the most in common with, personality-wise? First Kevin, now the main character (Paul) of this book I'm reading (Boy Meets Boy).

"I don't like fruit," he explains. "No offense."

Only his "no offense" offends me.

My favorite part of the book so far (I'm on page 60, just started reading it a half hour ago) is either the Homecoming Pride Parade (cheerleaders on motorcycles! Drag homecoming queen/star quarterback!) or the scene when Tony and Paul are doing each other's homework and speaking in a nonsense language.

[My dad's] job is to take a portion of the profits that come from selling TP and give the money away to underfunded school programs. He is a walking example of why our country is such a strange and unbelievable place.

Page 74. Spiff is my hero.

Okay, enough of that. I've finished the book, and I promise not to continue on and on about it. Promise!

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