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Spoilers for the Apprentice 3 premiere

Haha, A3 is already shaping up nicely. Even if I do wanna shoot AshleeSimpson (aka Erin) and loud-mouthed high school dude - er, John, mebbe? And how geeky was the "band" scene with Magna? I like Alex, he clarifies without pointing out the obvious. Introducing everyone, and then pointing out the burger-flipping thing which, while slightly obvious to me (and him, of course), wouldn't be to a lot of people. Also: Alex looks like Andy occasionally. And occasionally, he looks/acts fruity. And Todd is totally some sort of soap opera guy, I'm sure. And Bren LOOKS like a Burger King guy. And HA! to the Verna-the-fast-food-expert. Love it. Love it all, except when Danny makes me bang my head into the table like watching anyone sing on TV makes me. Not 'cos they're bad, but because I'm embarrased for them. It's a quirk of mine.

And Brian and the Viking hat was sort of amusing, simply cause the dude's insane. Off his freakin' rocker. What is the Apprentice up to?
Season 01: Decent contestants, truly torn about who you want to win in the finale.
Season 02: Evil contestants, couldn't care less about who wins in the finale.
Season 03: INSANE contestants, hoping one of them stabs another in the finale?

Commercials: Psh, this Las Vegas episode looks boring-ass. Done so much better on the Pretender and Buffy, and the Buffy one sucked. And haha, I love the Will & Grace commercial.

Back! Danny, Danny, Danny... Don't let me down by acting like my classmates. Seriously, dude. He's getting fired. And he totally deserves it, even though he's bizarre. Because he's bizzare. Because he acts like a ninth grader. Jesus, I can understand acting like this when working on, say, a Sociology project, but as an adult? No. Just. Freaking. No. I remember sitting around going "Uh..." and not letting the teacher catch on to the fact that I'm clueless, but I'm not going to do that to a boss. Hell no. At least not when there's someone sitting right there who I know will rat me out if I screw up in the least bit.

Hah, take that, Tana-lady!

Oh, shut UP, Todd, you haven't even been paying attention. And that "WHOO, UNBELIEVABLE!" is going to get real old, real fast. Shoot the horse already, even if it's only been forty minutes.

And man, Alex and Carolyn are so spot on. Sad, sad, little hippies. Danny is a freaking druggie freshman. Dear. Effing. Lord. But I love Alex so much. He's like, an actual smart person. And he looks kinda cute with them glasses. He's Grown!Andy! And Grown!Andy is dead sexeh.

Commercials. My current "on the chopping block" list: Todd, Danny, and Erin. And I really don't care which one goes, as long as Trump doesn't come up with some half-assed reason to kick 'em off. Let's cheer for the return of Trump-sanity, shall we? Hah, I joke. As if Trump has sanity. I hope there are more kids in GT Seminar tomorrow besides me and Ben, 'cos you know Ben doesn't watch the Apprentice, but mebbe someone else does? Oh, wait, these is them smart kids. Nevamind.

Back. John is so awesome. He's exactly as a leader should be, without being overbearing (Kelly, Bradford). But loud mouthed Viking hat dude is really pissing me off. And Danny? Articulating distaste? Spazoid, SHUT IT. He may be cute, but he's fucking clueless.

Why is it that I'm always embarrased by one of my picks? First Chris, now Danny. Man. (I do not count Sam or Nick as embarrasments because the fandom loves them now, what with their rapier wit on their columns.)

Hm, I actually agree with that firing. Even if Danny will be embarassing until the next time he's on the losing team. Can I replace Danny with John on my faves list?

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