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The sun isn't even UP yet, and I've got school? Screw that.

Well, TWoP's boards are down for a minute because "Glark's doing something", so I'm bored. I'd tell the stories I've got about yesterday's Business Law class and others, but I really don't feel up to all that typing on these crappy keyboards. So I'll maybe make an icon, or maybe I'll write a quick fic. It's somehow easier to write fiction with a crappy keyboard than to write nonfiction. Hm. Intriguing. I am going to slap that dumbass listening to rap crap without his fucking headphones, I swear. Thank you! Now, if you play - Yup, there it goes again. And now off again. I am so going to slap him. Oh, and now it's R&B crap. SHUT IT OFF. I get my weekly diet of rap, R&B, and hip-hop on Road to Stardom, I don't need to listen to your talentless crap.

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    ... nuttymadam made it onto the Soup.

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    "You lied to me, wall!"

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