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Other coutries so rock.

Daym, but the crown prince of Luxembourg is HOT! I mean, jeez, he looks like a frickin' movie star!

Ahem. In other news, it seems that People to People Student Ambassadors is having a trip to Japan this year... Oh jeez, I hope they've got a Colorado delegation going!!! That would be so cool... Going to Japan, being able to tour it, a HOME STAY!

I got a letter offering the tour through France and all that, so I know I'm still on thier list.

Oh man, I hope I can go on the Japan trip... It'd be sooo cool... I mean, not just the 'going-there-for-cheaper-anime' thing. I'd beable to watch Japanese TV, eat Japanese food, pretend that I like sushi (gag), eat teriyaki (drool), and spend 3 days in Tokyo!

And all that for credit. Including the half credit of geography I need to get into pretty much any college.


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