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My Soul Mate.

And now, I'm going to bed, since I've managed to wrap up my poor pinkie finger in enough bandaging to keep me from hurting it worse. Hopefully. Ooh, my back hurts, I need to take some Advil. I am falling apart, and rugby starts on Monday. Yeesh. I better start getting Advil in bulk.

On the plus side, I've got Business Law on Monday, with that Jon kid who is my freaking soul mate. His last name is directly after mine on the roster, he was born September 2nd, his dream job is to be a cop, he has a dog, he's a military brat, and his favorite movie is Snatch. When I said my fave movie was Ocean's 11, he grinned and said "I guess we both like Brad Pitt!" So he's either gay or perfect for me. It was kind of odd, though. His name's right after mine, he was born five days before me (I think, he was born on Sep 2nd and is a sophomore, so prolly), and we sat next to each other before we knew any of this. And we were two of the first few kids in the room, so we had our pick of the place. And he's pretty smart, because one of the questions we had to answer was where we see ourselves at age 30, and he said unmarried, no kids, and working in Narcotics for the Denver Police Department. Then he smiled and said that all guys his age say that they'll be single with no kids, and they end up wearing those front baby-carriers to their ten year reunion. How awesome is he?

And now I'm done waxing poetic. Because my finger is throbbing and Wings has gone back to the beginning so it's kinda boring 'cos I know what'll happen.

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