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Ah, elementary school. I miss it so.

Going through my old elementary school yearbooks sure is fun.

Third grade: We had a newspaper at Princess Anne? Bizarre. Between that and the Halloween dance, we were more after school activities than in middle school.

Fourth grade: Spelling Bee, you can JUST make me out in a group shot. Me in my boy-haircut at BLT (Bonus Learning Time, the place you went during off-track time if your parents worked during the day). I made a really cute boy. I'm also in the group shot for Christmas break BLT. It's kind of cute, because they put the graduation year on all the main pages (such as 'Kindergarten, Class of 2010'). I'm in the fourth grade cutout page in a group shot, wearing my dorky winter hat with the flaps over the ears. My class pic is me looking incredibly hippie with long slightly curly hair and a hairwrap and my nature shirt. AND OMG! Curtis' picture is in here! Haha! He was such a dork back then! His advice? "Don't bring Giga pets." Hee. And hey! Morgan, my first Coloradan crush! Then he moved. Sad.

Fifth grade: Spelling Bee again. Me in my crappy boy haircut and WAY too much hair gel. Ick. And Chris Mack is such a moron. His advice? "Don't do drugs, you can get in trouble with the DARE officer." Granted, I remember writing in and asking the DARE officer if sniffing dog food counted as an inhalent, and I was being serious, so...

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