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Crime Pays - In Viewer Satisfaction, Anyway

Well, I've got a new 'if I had Tivo I'd Tivo it' show: Numb3rs. And guess what? Unless I misheard it, it's going to be on Fridays after tonight, so I don't have to miss any of my normal shows! And I even understood a lot of the stuff - obviously not the actual equations, I'm acing Geometry, not Calculus 3, but I got the theory behind all of it. And from what some of my dad's engineering co-workers have said, the theory is what most people have problems with. Man, this show almost has me wanting to go into math as a career. Almost. We'll see if Mr. Gomez'll sign me off for AP Probability & Statistics for next year first.

Plus, David Krumholtz. Hopefully, he'll get uber-famous for this and go on shows and he'll name drop Serenity and it'll become an uber huge hit and we'll all rejoyce and get action figures. Amen.

Yeah, I need to get a life. Or something less geeky than this crime hobby of mine. And yes, I am holding back my urge to go grab either Murder in the Hearse Degree or A Pedigree to Die For and curl up to get a good read on. After all, then I'll lose track of the time and CSI's got a repeat tonight on CBS.

Maybe I'll make a crime-themed mood theme. Because these little red X's are kinda annoying, don'tcha think?

(Note: Yes, the title of this was the title of an essay I wrote for Weissman. Yes, I have no shame.)

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