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Summer stuff, yet again. Only this time, totally applying. Like, tomorrow.

Dudes. Coolest summer program ever: Summer Institute for the Gifted.

I'm going to try for the Amherst one. Mostly because the scheduling fits in what I want the best. What I'll try for:
1 - Fencing
2 - Unsolved Mysteries in American History
3 - Crime Scene Investigation
4 - Applications of Chemistry
5 - Gene Splicing on the Cutting Edge of Medicine

There are others I have as seconds, since the only ESSENTIALS are Fencing and CSI. Or who knows, I may want to do Vassar or Drew. I threw out Berkley and UCLA because I do not want to be Cali for summer. Hm, Drew may work indeed. And with the Drew schedule, I'd be able to take that SAT Math prep course, I bet I could totally get a 2400 on the new SAT if I take that... I'll think on it. And print out the course descriptions in Sloan's later this morning. And print out a bunch of other junk for Mrs. Price (my GT teacher, for those who aren't in the know). I've got GT Seminar second hour today. And ooh, I get to make positives of my pinhole camera negatives in Photo. Nothing for World Religions, and nothing for Psych.

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