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Rugby and, um, other junk

Haha, I still can't breathe. And practice ended three hours ago. That ain't good. As if I needed more proof that I am completely, truly out of shape. 'Tis the jogging what did me in. Good thing I totally don't need to do anything in Photo tomorrow, 'cos of the whole "I'd freaking die" deal.

Practices are every Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30 to 6:00 in Lone Tree. Games, you ask?

March 12 - Rugby-O-Rama
March 16 - vs. Chapparal
March 19 - vs. Los Alamos
March 23 - vs. Douglas County
April 6 - vs. Cherry Creek
April 9 - Rocky Mountain Classic
April 20 - vs. Littleton
April 27 - vs. Thunder Ridge
May 13-14 - State Playoffs
May 2 -22 - Nationals at Milwaukee

Rugby-O-Rama is just for fun, not standings. Also: Crap. I have one month to get in enough shape to not fall over after half a lap of jogging. Oh, and I'll be playing half-blind, because I'm not allowed to wear my glasses (and contacts are crap, damn it).

Anyway, got signed for Chem Honors and AP Statistics. And Business Law 2, even though it wasn't exactly required. Now I just need a signature for Reading/Writing Philosophy Honors. And can you tell I'm trying to impress collegiate institutions much?

New icons, by the by.

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