Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Man, this head cold is so kicking my ass. And yes, I'm using the head cold as an excuse for putting lyrics from "Chicks Dig It" in Rush's sig when he's completely not interested in girls yet. Amongst other things. Actually, it may be the total of four DayQuil I've taken in the past three and a half hours that's doing it. Yeah, I'd take that. And this rice just looks disgusting now.

I wanna sleep, only... I can't. 'Cause Numb3rs is on tonight and if I was even seeing what I thought I was seeing in the preview, then Terry gets hit by the virus-or-whatever that gets unleashed. And even if this is one of the few shows I watch with little-no sexual tension of any kind (agh, don't even think of bringing up Amita, please), I don't think I'd mind some Don angst. As long as they go the Nick Stokes Angst route - bad things happen (i.e. Hooker girlfriend gets murdered, he gets thrown out a window) and it is mentioned once and then never again.

And coherency? Good luck with that. Because me? Totally not having it.

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