Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Not directed at anyone on my friend's list.

A recent argument I got into online (which was my fault, I admit, as I have problems properly articulating that I think something's foolish within general standards of politeness, but I still stand by my opinion) prompted me to think about why, exactly, I am so apathetic to politics, enviromental causes, religion, and the such.

As bizarre as it may sound, I'm a diplomatic person. Wait, let me add a qualifier - I'm a diplomatic person in real life. Online, when I don't have to face people and I'm actually doing something in which I interact with others constantly, I'm hard pressed to keep from hollering my true opinions across the information superhighway at people. In real life, I hate it when people are fighting near me and usually try to stop it, if I know them. I don't try and make complete strangers stop fighting, because where's my authority in that? I don't know them, I don't know the situation. Now, arguments, those I don't stop because they're of a more debate-like quality than actual fighting is. Do you know how many times Tom and I have argued during lunch? And we have no hard feelings towards each other at all.

So I don't have a political stance, or religious stance, or causal stance most of the time because I do not know the entire situation and I do not know everyone personally. And I refuse to make judgements without knowing everything there is to know about a subject. That's why I seem apathetic, okay?

Also: I am very sorry that I refuse to be upset by false promoting of an episode that actually proved fairly entertaining and surprising (in that it actually followed the standards set). Yeah, so it wasn't "the best episode ever". I don't see ER fans (assuming there are ER fans) complaining about NBC promos stating every episode is the best one ever. It's just something that networks do. And yeah, I've got more than enough stress without getting all up in arms over a promo for the Apprentice, of all things. So yeah, I apologize for calling you "slow" (even if I stated 'anyone who trusts the promos is sort of slow' and you replied 'if you think I expected the promos to be right, then you're the slow one!', meaning my statement didn't apply to you, so I'm wondering why you're offended so). But I'm not going to apologize for keeping my blood pressure down, kthxbai.

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