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Spoilers for the latest LOCI and CJ

Quotes and thoughtage, yo.

Goren: “Next time, remember that YOU’RE a police officer and DON’T DISTURB THE CRIME SCENE.”

Eames: “And that would be the victim’s wife.”

Jimmy’s mom: “Ungrateful biscuit-eating son of a bitch.”

Jimmy: “See ya never, Ma!”
Jimmy’s mom: ”Ingrate!”

Eames: “…but as soon as we started in on Kenna, she got hinky.”

Eames: “I didn’t know you could play Twister by yourself.”

Eames: “Captain’s a mathlete, he’s going to love this.”

Logan: “Maybe I’ll have some ‘major’ coffee.”

Eames coughs and glances out the door when Logan says he wants to join the party.

Logan: “Oh, I’m not resenting this at all.”

Goren’s hair looked awesome in the diner scene.

Eames: “Didn’t we fight a revolution against this kind of thing?”

Carver: “If I’m going to be bringing allegations of abuse of prisoners who don’t exist, I want to be bulletproof. Bring me armor.”

Logan: “Ah, the Patriot Act. I read that under the original title, 1984.”

Hey, I totally know what Goren’s talking about with the Stanford prison study!

Eames: “Even your Jesus on a chain.”

Carver: “I like your sense of irony, detective.”

Haha, Eames and Carver with the judge.

Ooh, standoff.

Logan: “But I guarantee that we’ll take one of you with us. And the ones we don’t? That’s what the death penalty is for.”

Goren is in his element. Completely in his element. Taking down the team one by one. Beautiful. And nice continuity, with Goren’s Army background, connecting with the Navy dude. And I love Goren reigning in Logan.

Crossing Jordan
Woody: “What is with this city?”
Jordan: ”It’s Boston. In the winter. Get over it.”

Jordan: “Wow, I am shocked you became a cop.”

Sidney: “That’s freaky.”

Garrett: “Not just a murderer, a plagarist.”

Jordan: “Jeez. Kick your boss in the balls just ONCE.”
Garrett: “And he doesn’t take your calls. Go figure.”

Woody: “Isn’t being pushy your expertise, Jordan?”

Nigel: “Blogs are the future.”

Nigel: “Is there anything you want to tell me? Buggles?”

Nigel: “You mock me…” Bug hits him.

Bernie: “I have a restraining order against you!”
Jordan: “It’s been four years, Bernie…”

Bernie has a electronic door! Haha!

Man, I’m so going to print everything off nigelblog.com so I have something to work on during Photo 1 tomorrow.

Woody: “I think L.A. brings out your softer side.”

Jordan: “Yeah, you could run for governor.”

Woody: “Get over yourself. I did it for Faye!”

Detective lady: “I know this may sound CRAZY, but…”

Jordan: “Well haven’t we been playing nice?”
Woody: ”You might want to try it some time.”

Bug is such a conspiracy theorist.

Garrett: “Now I have two nutjubs working for me.”

Oh. My. GOD. Karaoke bars crack my shit up.

Jordan: “You’re becoming a cynic, I love that.”

HAHA! Jordan and Woody singing karaoke, that would have been awesome.

Detective lady: “Fascinating. You’re telling me that someone in a hospital got stuck with a needle.”

Bug: “I think you owe me an apology!”
Detective lady: ”And you still owe me a gimlet!”
Nigel: “Ooh, she’s a keeper.”

Jordan: “Look at it in an Easy Bake oven!”

Woody: “Girl’s gotta switch to decaf.”

I love how Bug says “saw”. “Sawr”. It’s so cool.

AAAAH! Crossing Jordan is stealing Angel’s backdrops of L.A.! *shudder*

Neville: “You were right. Scary, but right.”

Detective lady: “I know that this isn’t the politically correct term, but this guy was NUTS.”

Haha, clap-on!

Bug: “And I thought you knew everything.”
Nigel: ‘Hah’ look.

I bet the brother done did it, yo. The brother’s always evil, yo. Yo. Dawg. Yo. Figures his name is Lee or Li. Jeez-us. And we know it’s him ‘cos there’s only ten minutes left. Slap him, lady! Slap him!

Detective lady: “Well, you’re a lucky man. But then, so are we.”

Guy: “I think I’d like a lawyer.”
Bug: “Oh, well, call me crazy, but you are gonna need one.”

It’s nice not to have a completely bitchy former Death Row inmate.

Jordan: “Boy, he sure loves rock’n’roll.”

Haha! Woody’s hanging on the rock’n’roll guy! Aw, this is such a cute music video thing! Hee.

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