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In today's episode of "reasons not to use your children as weapons"...

...because you'll murder so that your ex-spouse can't turn the child against you.

“You had the most beautiful… hobbies.”

Now, I want to say that teen-kid done did it, but that seems waaaay too obvious.

*snort* Eames totally look at Goren waaay too long with the “Someone’s desperate for a love life” line.

Who’s the creepy emailing dude? He’s creepy. And emailing. And probably a dude, since this isn’t SVU.

Goren: “A lawyer?”
Deakins: ”Worse. A Texas lawyer.”

Haha, how cheap. Took a flier and just folded the ad part down. That’s hilarious.

“And yes, he had all his clothes on. Not my kind of politician.”

Did Goren just get wacky with his grammar and tenses? Because I think he did. Cuh-razy.

“A sex fiend and a bully. Politics is the perfect place for him.”

Eames: “This is why I became a cop, you make so many friends.”

Oooh, Goren looks so hot, leaning up against the window in Carver’s office. Mm.

*snort* Rob McKenna looked hilarious with the blonde spiky hair.

Goren: “Oh, was that me? I’m sorry.”

Maybe it’s teen-girl who done did it! Otherwise, what was with her pulling on her sleeves all weird like that?

Hah, Carver’s laughing, Goren’s trying to ignore it, and Eames is glowering. And HAH! at the squad room.

Judge: “That is the lamest excuse I have heard in a month!”

Lawyer lady: “Ooookay, we’ve heard all we need here…”

Haha, Carver and Goren’s tagteaming was awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

And beautiful ending.

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