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Man, I was so cool in sixth grade

Only not really.

I was digging through an old box and came across some stuff from elementary school and sixth grade. One of those things was my English class folder, including vocab packets. Attached to the vocab packets are my sentences using the vocabulary words. They range from terrible (hey, I was ten!), to rather disturbing (I was ten and I wrote THIS?).

Examples, all copied directly:
1. Don acknowledged that he was illegible for tomarrow's game.
8. Mother says we live in a big metropolin, New York City.
10. Dad says I have a very vivid imajination.

3. The frenzied madman killed two people.
5. Cool logic easily won the case.
6. The serial killer lurked in the shadows.
10. She vaguely described her attacker.

3. When James' leg was cut off, he knew it was a mortal wound.
4. Chris formed a group to repercussion ousting the dictator.
6. The king yelled, "Guards! Dispose of this peasent trast.

5. The commercial made Swishy Fishy Soap look so good, I was induced to buy it.

7. For a king to arive unhearlded is unheard of (literatly!).

It also had an essay written by me comparing Julie of the Wolves to Everworld. No, seriously. And I wrote something about "lepracorns". And there's a really crappy Tamora Pierce fanfiction piece, although it's good to know that my favorite member of the Conte family was Jasson. Haha. And, even though this is right after the publication of "First Test", I entirely called the Raoul/Buri.

I was such a bizarre ten year old.

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