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General Updates (aka- blame it on RL)

GRR! *bangs head on wall* Sorry I haven't written in, well, _ever_, but RL has been intervening. Quick run-down:

World Lit: We're on chapter 17 of the Odyssey, and I stopped reading after chapter 2. I also still need to type up a play version of "the meeting of Priam and Achilleus" from the Iliad, and the main actor wants his parts to be musical numbers. There's also the fact that I don't have a working comp with any word processing programs on it! And there's the Odyssey "read and analyze" questions worth like half our grades! *starts crying*

US History: Actually, not so bad. Except the essay I have due day after tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too hard. Plus, I'm notorious for getting 50% on essays, so no biggie.

Algebra 1-H: Well, I've skipped the last two classes, and haven't understood a single thing that has come out of the teacher's mouth since the start of the quarter. And I'm pretty sure there's a test Friday.

Science: Not horrible. We're doing physics, which I hate, and yet understand. Or, I could understand it simply because, hey bingo, no lab reports!

Other: People to People Student Ambassadors. I'm going to the British Isles this summer meeting someone from Parliment, etc, etc. Big deal is I have to keep a journal, and fundraise, starting yesterday. Yipee-freakin-doo dah. Oh, and I'm going take the SATs. As a freshman. Because I'm an idiot. Who likes filling out forms (and hence, tests).

And I've officially become obssessed with Slytherin Rising. Dangit. I really should be working on my homework, or at least one of my fanfics.

Oh, and Buffy. I would like to pause for a rant. WHY IS JONATHAN DEAD?! AND WHY DID ANDREW STAB HIM?! AND WHY DID THE PRINCIPAL BURY HIS BODY ALL SECRET-LIKE?!?!?! Of course, this lead to some funny lines. Like Andrew's "She seems like a good leader. Her hair's shiny. Does she make you stab people?". LOL! Funnyness.

Yeah, I really should go. So... Yeah.

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