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“Two victims, both female, somewhere between age twenty and thirty-five. One blonde, one brunette. The blonde’s been identified as Lieutenant Jessica Mackenzie, the brunette is still unidentified.” The homicide detective nodded towards the flapping tarp under which, they were led to assume, lay the bodies. Or possibly the detective’s neck was just bending under the weight of his mustache, Tony idly thought.

The call had come in about an hour earlier and had been handed off almost immediately to Gibbs’ team. Whether it was because of their high solve rate and lack of serious casualties – at least, in the last two years – or because they were the only team not on a case or still finishing up paperwork, you be the judge.

The detective blathered on for a bit about the way the bodies were found – ritualistic murder, it seemed, complete with pentagrams and that kind of fun stuff, but Tony and Gibbs tuned most of it out; if the cop was truly saying something they couldn’t figure out on their own, Kate was taking enough notes for the both of them anyway. For once, Tony was struck by the odd urge to be thankful that Kate was on the team instead of someone like, say, Blackadder. He made a face at the thought of the FBI agent, and then tuned back in to the tail end of the detective’s speech.

“Person who found the two is over there,” he checked his notes, “A ‘Hitchcock Sewell’. He’s a mortician in town.” Tony blinked. What was the luck? Well, actually, considering the number of crime scenes Hitch ended up finding – or being the cause of – it was possibly more unlikely that it took over three years for Tony to get a case with him involved somehow.

Currently: A crossover between NCIS and the Hitchcock Sewell books (based on the idea that Tony, formerly of Baltimore homicide, would have heard at least a couple of tales about the mortician.) Possibly a Veronica Mars crossover as well. And maybe even Buffy, if I feel like it.

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