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Spoilers for LOCI and Crossing Jordan

“Sounds like she ate half of Noah’s Ark.”

I love that she’s a food critic. I love it.

Haha! That’s beautiful. And Eames is looking pissed about the girl not looking at her.

Ew! To the chopping of the pig’s head. That was bizarre.

Haha, Goren’s eating the food. And then sets the drink down with an ‘aw’ look when Eames goes “We’re on duty”.

“So there’s no chance of it coming from sea food?”
“Not unless it was chicken of the sea.”

“Serves them right for eating a poor endangered bivalve.”

Haha, Goren just jumped into the truck.

‘Contraband fish’. That’s just hilarious. I don’t know why. But it is.

Haha, Goren’s messing with the toy skeleton thing. And then the doctor grabs it, and Goren holds on for a second before letting go.

Ew. Please don’t go where I think it’s going. Please. Ew.

“Fifteen going on thirty going on five.” Heh. Ahem.

“My wife exaggerates.”
“My husband enables.”

Oooh. Nice one, Goren. “Even his partner’s wife?”

Haha, Goren. “Moving on? Going back to your father’s place, where you were BEFORE you married Josh?”

Squeezing lemon juice into a cut? “This won’t hurt a bit”? My ass.

“I don’t suppose we could just ask Beatrice to hand over the evidence?” The look on Carver’s face was hilarious.

Hee, Goren. “Woohoo, steamy!” And he worked at a resteraunt as a kid? Is that a true statement, or a Gorenism?

Hah. Beautiful, Eames, just beautiful.

And now Goren’s waxing poetic. Jeez, he needs to lay off whatever poetry books he’s reading.

Ooh, harsh. “Kids just ruin everything, I could have told you that!”

Eames: “Hm, look what I found, a copy of the hospital record.”

Eames: “Gluttony. Now I know why it made the short list of deadly sins.”

Man, Eames was ON tonight. And more Carver and Deakins than normal, too! Rock on.

Hee, Bug opening!

Jordan: “Well, it’s not your birthday, so what’s the occasion?”
Bug: ”She died.”

That guy is kinda creepy. “I was the lucky one.”

Woody: “Is sarcasm a prerequisite for being a M.E.?”
Garret: “No, but it helps.”

I like the, um, lady who’s the daughter of the old dead guy.

“This doesn’t make sense Doctor Macy.”
“If everything made sense, we’d be out of jobs.”

That was weird. I just saw the same twenty seconds twice.

“Nope. Not unless she’s Houdini.”

Haha, Nigel’s blog.

“Since it’s a little difficult to take heroin accidentally…”

Well, that’s making me all sorts of airport-paranoid, thanks guys. And I get to fly out in a couple a weeks. Thankfully, am going to New Yawk, not Boston. And yeah, I’m going to be spelling ‘York’ as ‘Yawk’ for a while.

Who opened the body? AAAAH. Bug, man, dude.

“You’ve done a million things that should have landed you in jail.” Hah, Bug, you’re right, man.

Damn, Woody, quit identifying with the victim’s wife! I will slap you silly, you moron. This isn’t CSI!

Waitress: “Is he, like, dead?”

YAY, MATT! I LOVE MATT! And he’s loving this! And he’s incredibly hot in that sweater. Even if he’s kind of an ass. He’s an adorable ass. And his detective work line is hilarious. I love that dude.

Lip-reading program? I need one of them, dawg.

Woody: “’Turd and North’?”
Nigel: “Like I said, ninety percent.”

And Woody starts ranting. He’s cute when he rants.

Oooh, crap, I’ve seen the previews. This ain’t gonna be good.

Shit, Woody! He just got heroin in his eyes, didn’t he? Shit shit shit. Man, Woody.

And a huge spoiler for possibly the season finale:

Between this and the spoiler on TWoP that Woody gets shot, my second best buddy detective is not having a good season.

Mm, Woody’s chest. And damn it, I don’t need Woody angst. I don’t need any angst. I like dark and angst-free, damn you.

Haha, Matt. “Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, and… stroke.”

And HA!
“What’re the odds for that?”
“Well, I’m not a mathematician, but…”
And then Bug rattles off the exact odds.

Matt and Lilly refer to each other as honey-buns and cupcake. And then Bug: “’Cupcake’?” Confused look.

Matt: “…especially thanks to Doctor Frankenstein here.”
Bug: “Listen here, you inglorious bastard…”

“I’m not just any inglorious bastard, I’m an inglorious bastard with a badge.”

Damn it, Woody, this won’t end well.

“Great, we’re left with incomprehensible sports metaphors.”

“What’s the worst that could happen?”
“You could screw up, let him know we’re on to him, and he could skip town.”
”Well, yeah, there’s that. But hey, this is my job!” *runs off*
“I don’t like him…”

“How much does it suck to be YOU.” *hits the guy*

“Problem is, it’s going to take a genius to figure it out.”
Cut to Nigel.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of drugs.

Nigel: “Shazam, baby.”

God, Matt. And hah, he used Bug’s statistic.

And jeez, this guy is so incredibly creeptastic.

Bug: “You know, I think we should turn him over to Virginia. They’ve got the Death Penalty there.”

Haha, Bug and Matt would be a kickass team. If it weren’t for their Lilly thing. Hm, Bug/Matt. I’d be in with that.

Creepy guy: “You’re bluffing.”
Bug: “Oh, try me. Please. Try me.”

I hate how they always buckle so fast.

Woody: “I almost feel for you Kate, I really do. But you poured on the tears so easily before, I’m beginning to think they’re jut a chemical too.”

Garret: “And if there was more to it, you’d tell me, right?”
Jordan / Bug: “Of course not.” / “No way.”

Man, Max’s back. I don’t like him. Can we play musical family members and bring James back instead? Or hell, even a mother-zombie. Just no more Max!
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