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Check out my digs, dawg.

Picture this:

I'm sitting at my nice new wooden roll-top desk with billions of drawers and shelves, surrounded by books of the like of "The Facts on File Dictionary of Forensic Science" and "I Always Look Up the Word Egregious" and "Why Do Buses Come In Threes?". Next to me, on top of the desk, is a shint black and neon blue 'space saving' radio/CD player/alarm/clock set. On my other side, on the wall, underneath my three shelves of stuffed animals, action figures, dragon statuettes, and animal figures, is a white dry erase board, placed just so I can whip my right hand out and scribble down some note or another.

And in front of me? A laptop, complete with wireless Internet, with a mouse plugged in and my portable hard drive. Not too bad of a set-up, eh?

So I'm just leaning back - in my nice new black desk chair - typing away on my mum's old laptop she just gave me, listening to country music on my radio, in my room that I straightened up just today so there's nothing lying around making it look messy. I feel accomplished today.

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