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Books books books!, as Owen would say. Also: Math.

I owe one dollar in overdue fines for each of the following:
Federal jobs in law enforcement / Jack Warner, Beverly Sweatman.
Obernewtyn / Isobelle Carmody.
Crime : a serious American problem / Information Plus.
Zodiac unmasked : the identity of America's most elusive serial killer revealed
First meetings : three stories from the enderverse / Orson Scott Card.
"This is the Zodiac speaking" : into the mind of a serial killer / Michael D. Kell
Opportunities in law enforcement and criminal justice careers / James D. Stinchcom
Malicious intent : a writer's guide to how murderers, robbers, rapists, and other
Written in blood : a history of forensic detection / Colin Wilson & Damon Wilson.
Shadow puppets / Orson Scott Card.
The source of magic / Piers Anthony.
The Dastard / Piers Anthony.
A murder in Macedon : a mystery of Alexander the Great / Anna Apostolou.
Roc and a hard place / Piers Anthony.

Basically? Science fiction, fantasy with bad puns, historical fiction about Alexander the Great, and nonfiction about crime, forensic science, and the Zodiac serial killer. Strange? You betcha.

I also just got two new CSI books, and a "guide" to 81 great ideas. And I've reached the fifth chapter (on betting and odds) in "Why Do Buses Come in Threes?", from here on abbreviated as WDBCiT? since I talk about it so much.

WDBCiT? is awesome, I must say. The first chapter alone, about Fibonacci numbers? And then later on in the book, when it mentions the bell curve graph and I feel warm and proud about the fact that I so totally have the notes for standard deviation in my binder because we did that not too long ago in Geometry. I think I may spend my three days off doing math homework, I really do. And maybe doodle in the margins stuff I learned from WDBCiT? - oh, and circle every Fibonacci number that comes up as an answer in a special color. That would make it interesting for me.

I need to make a math icon. *wanders off*

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