Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

I'm 15! That's too young to be nostalgic, damn it!

A thread dealing with childhood tv shows is making me all nostalgic. Although it's nice to know that I'm not the only person who would jump at the chance to be on Legend of the Hidden Temple if it ever came back. And did you people know that Clarissa Explains it All is coming out on DVD soon? Freaking awesome!

Hah, at my school, we totally talk more about Lifetime movies and old Nick shows than any of the big current money winners. It's crazy. I doubt more than five kids (out of 2700) could name more than two characters on Lost, or on CSI, but going by the random sample of my Business Law class, 2600 of them can name all the characters of Friends and Saved By the Bell. I love my school sometimes.

And no, I don't just wanna date Zach because while talking about childhood shows, I mentioned Legend of the Hidden Temple and he immediately jumped up and said "Blue Barracudas are the best!" I swear. There has to be another reason. Oh, right! He has soft hair. There we go.

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