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Extreme geekery ahead.


I was a-watchin' some NCIS music videos, one of which was "Melanie", off of the Weird Al song. It got sorta stuck in my head, and I started singing it under my breath. Only problem was, I wasn't paying attention to what I was singing, so I ended up going "Fe-e-e-elony". Haha. I am such a freaking loser. The person who made that one also made an awesome Tony vid to the Barenaked Ladies' "It's Only Me (Wizard of Magicland)". And a hilarious Dark Angel parody vid to Weird Al's "My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder".

Also: http://www.freewebs.com/csic/ The list under "CSI Medical Center" is especially accurate for me. I actually ranted at my mother for a good five minutes about the preemption for basketball. Of course, it was more because not only was there no CSI, but also no Numb3rs. And the combination can not be stood!

A typical sampling of CSI fanfiction from a random archive, by 'ship (the gen category had a total of 54 fics) reveals the following statistics:
Het fics - 252
Slash fics - 105
Multiples - 14
Slash-to-het ratio - .43

Nick has the most slash fics involving him (82), and his slash-to-het ratio is an amazing 2.83. So it may come as a surprise that he is NOT the most slashed CSI character.

Greg gets that honor, even though he only has 50 slash fics. Why? Because his ratio is 4.55. That's right, Greg has only 11 het fics. Hilarious!

Grissom of course has the most fics total, with 233. Of those, only a lowly 47 are slash. Hmph.

Catherine wins the award for most het shipped character, with a ratio of .04. Whew.

Yeah, I know. Life comma should get a. Shuddup.

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