Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Me and Pammy chat about Ender's Game

Otakulee (4:16:05 AM): Heh. Oh, and just a warning, it's not quite a feel-good book. Since it's about training children to be generals in order to fight aliens, and all.
HollyKitten36 (4:18:36 AM): Dear me. Alright. Aliens, generals, un-feel-good-y.
Otakulee (4:19:07 AM): But smart kids. Lots of smart kids.
HollyKitten36 (4:19:57 AM): Like you?
Otakulee (4:20:10 AM): Yeah; only, like, smarter.
Otakulee (4:20:27 AM): Since... *attempts to figure where in the books various characters were fifteen*
HollyKitten36 (4:20:28 AM): SMARTER?
HollyKitten36 (4:20:38 AM): Hmmmm...
Otakulee (4:21:25 AM): Well, um, one of the characters is named leader of the entire planet by the time he's... eighteen, I think. Even if it was a kinda figurehead position.
HollyKitten36 (4:23:51 AM): *smirks*
HollyKitten36 (4:23:57 AM): Leadership is no guarantee of intellect.
HollyKitten36 (4:24:01 AM): Just look at your president.
Otakulee (4:25:11 AM): *eyeroll* Ah, but said person was not elected on basis of his connections. Indeed, he was first put up as the best candidate when no one knew who he was outside of political essays he wrote.

So they were electing him based on his essays. Which is pretty cool.
HollyKitten36 (4:26:16 AM): Political essays? Didn't they look at the fact that he had heaps of people executed when he was governer of Texas? ... Including a guy whom they actually had zero evidence against?
Otakulee (4:26:41 AM): Huh?
Otakulee (4:26:46 AM): Oh, you got confused.
Otakulee (4:27:03 AM): When I said "said person", I was referring to the person I had earlier stated, not Dubya.
HollyKitten36 (4:27:29 AM): Ohhh... riii9iiight
HollyKitten36 (4:27:31 AM): Dubya??
Otakulee (4:28:08 AM): And as a sidebar, Texas generally executes tons of people anyway. I'm no defender of our dear prez, but I'm not sure if you can blame the extremely large number of Texan executions squarely on the Bush dynasty.
Otakulee (4:28:20 AM): And yup, George Dubya Bush.
HollyKitten36 (4:29:10 AM): That amount of capital punishment seems extreme. I'm sure I can continue to blame it on Bush, I feel capable of it :D
HollyKitten36 (4:29:15 AM): That's his middle name?
Otakulee (4:29:48 AM): Naw, it's a way of mocking his accent. Or something. His middle name is actually Washington, I bet.
HollyKitten36 (4:30:13 AM): *laughs*
HollyKitten36 (4:31:02 AM): George Washington Dubya Aloysius Murgatroid ("John Howard's Pimp Daddy!") Bush, yeah?
Otakulee (4:31:32 AM): *snort*
HollyKitten36 (4:33:27 AM): John Howard drives me insane.
HollyKitten36 (4:33:37 AM): I can't believe he banned gay marriage just because George Bush did.
HollyKitten36 (4:33:40 AM): I mean... jesus.
Otakulee (4:34:48 AM): I don't think it's been banned yet. I know Dubya is pushing for that legislation, but we're far too busy killing folks and being killed to deal with various types of love right now.
HollyKitten36 (4:35:00 AM): hahaha!!
Otakulee (4:35:08 AM): But hell if I know. And I'm far too lazy to look it up. Ah, American youth.
HollyKitten36 (4:36:21 AM): LOL. Mate. That's brilliant.
Otakulee (4:37:29 AM): I'm feeling rather odd and verbal and political-but-antipolitical right now. I blame it on the fact that it's 4:30 AM, I've been listening to country music for the last seven hours, I'm hungry, and I just finished reading a book about international war and politics.
Otakulee (4:46:54 AM): Hm. That's intriguing. Someone on an Ender's Game forum is reading it for their AP English 12 class. Which is amusing, as in my school district it's read in eighth grade.
HollyKitten36 (4:47:49 AM): 4:30 Am. Sigh. I can't do that anymore.
HollyKitten36 (4:48:05 AM): It's weird; I studied Snow Falling On Cedars in English Literature but this year my sis was given it in English Studies!
HollyKitten36 (4:48:11 AM): I mean, there's a bit of a difference between the two.
HollyKitten36 (4:48:18 AM): ie. Intelligence levels!
Otakulee (4:48:30 AM): Hee
Otakulee (4:49:26 AM): What I also love is how I took World Lit in ninth grade and have a friend taking it in eleventh, and we read none of the same material. But that's okay, because everything I read in World Lit, she read in Latin!
HollyKitten36 (4:50:34 AM): Darn multitalented person.
Otakulee (4:50:41 AM): Heh
Otakulee (4:51:31 AM): Dude.
Otakulee (4:51:35 AM): People are crazy.
Otakulee (4:52:53 AM): In one of the sequels to Ender's Game, one of the characters is being held captive and forced to turn their intellect to forming military plans. To get a message out, they take a design of an Oriental dragon of the Internet and then corrupt a few bits in a specific way that forms a message.
Otakulee (4:53:05 AM): And someone who read the book actually went and did it.
HollyKitten36 (4:53:57 AM): .... insanity.
Otakulee (4:54:17 AM): Completely.
Otakulee (4:54:57 AM): And as far as the code itself went... Insanity.
HollyKitten36 (4:57:44 AM): What... the... fuck...
Otakulee (4:58:20 AM): Based on how the book said that the other character figured it out.
HollyKitten36 (4:58:32 AM): Too much time on their hands!!!!
HollyKitten36 (4:58:50 AM): I mean... what the?!:

hlp ndr jeesh tgdr en rus bns tun 6 rmy siz 40 n try sbtg
bn fnd wiggin ptr
Otakulee (4:59:42 AM): Oh, well, that's actually easy to figure out once you read all the books. "jeesh" being the huge give away..
HollyKitten36 (4:59:43 AM): I get SOME of that but...
HollyKitten36 (4:59:53 AM): ^_~ Is it?
Otakulee (5:00:23 AM): But this is what the person came up with: See if you can find the disrupted code.
HollyKitten36 (5:03:43 AM): I don't know what to look for. :s Maybe if I were awake...
Otakulee (5:04:03 AM): Hee
Otakulee (5:08:34 AM): *snaps fingers* I know just what to do with all this brilliance I've been brewing in my mind for the past sleepless hours!

I will write an Ender's Game fanfic! And seeing the plight of the Orson Scott Card section of FFN, they could use my brilliance.
HollyKitten36 (5:08:55 AM): *laughs* !! That bad?
Otakulee (5:09:14 AM): Oh, if not worse.
HollyKitten36 (5:09:44 AM): hahaha!
HollyKitten36 (5:09:46 AM): jeeps.
Otakulee (5:10:24 AM): And of course, the stupid category must go and contradict me by having fairly decent stories at the first page. But I promise there's crap further back!
Otakulee (5:11:37 AM): ...and I just found one. Two sentences in and it's wildly OOC, and it's about a character who has about an inch of characterization, so that's bad.

Preserved for posterity.

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