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Tonight's reports.

It appears as though math likes me as much as I like it. Or, at least, that's what I'm assuming from the fact that I've got a 77% in Geometry without having any homework turned in. Hah.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Doctor dude: “One gun, one kid without a mother.”

Aw, cute kid crawling around under the chairs. That’s pretty familiar.

AW! Goren’s so awesome. Giving little Jake the paper cups. So cute!

Whoa. Silhouette, much? That was kinda cool.

“They’re all starting to look alike.” I hear ya, buddy, I know what it’s like. Not that I’ve ever actually done that, but yearbooks get blurry after a while.

Whoa, Goren didn’t know something?

“The front half of her head should have been blown off.” Nice, Deakins. Thank you for that image.

Creeptastic. I’m starting to get worried about my putting “yes” for donating organs on my permit.

Haha, how do these people not see what Goren and Eames are getting at? I mean, seriously, how obvious can you get?

Sweet, Internet usage.

“I’m getting tired of sentences that start with ‘maybe’.” Oh, Deakins, I love you so much.

Holy crap, that dude is creepy.

Eames: “He’s not saying much right now. Someone performed brain surgery on him with a 356 Magnum.”

Oh, priviledge. But innit Vanessa dead? Well, the other person wouldn’t be, so I guess it works.

Eames: “In case it gets stolen, it can be traced to the owner. Whether he likes it or not.”

Eames and Deakins are ON tonight.

Haha, Eames’ little sycophantic nod. And man, this guy is crazy.

Eames: “You’ll have to send it back to him.”
Goren: ”Yeah, I know.”

Thank you, Goren, for noticing him scratching his side. Even I caught that.

Whee, more Deakins!

Whoa, Eames was lookinh kind of pissed off with the “Stay at home moms don’t count” comment.

Dude, even Carver! Shocking.

Eames: “My brother’s a fireman, his wife’s a nurse, but they pinch pennies to send their kids to private school. They think it’s worth it.”

Eames: “No woman with a shoe rack with room for twenty pairs of shoes walks around in one pair of loafers willing.”

Dang, Carver, show some of that cool lawyer-y magic you’re supposedly known for.

I love how they hang out IN THE JUDGE’S QUARTERS chatting about the suspect. That was awesome.

Aw, Goren. You big ol’ sweetie. I heard your voice choking up. Aw.

Man, why do defense attorneys let Goren babble so long? I mean it’s kinda cool, but you’d think they were better than that.

And why did my typings just mimic crazy dude’s words? That’s bizarre.

Crossing Jordan
Whoa, Nigel. You are freaking hot.

“Tracey”. *snort* Nigel, you are such a dork.

I love how Nigel and Bug follow Garret so closely.

Haha, Sidney! I love Sidney! Sidney’s back!

Hey, how does Sidney know about Jordan’s background? I mean, sheesh, did they really just use him as filler for Peter? Man.

Woody looks shocked that Jordan wants to be adult about something. He’s adorkable, really he is. Although this just serves to remind me of the TV Guide article where they’re all horny. Haha.

Creepy Irish dude! Aight!

Yay, Sidney.

Private detective: “Ms. Cavanaugh. What time is it?”
Jordan: ”Nine.”
Private detective: ”In the morning?”
Jordan: ”At night.”

Lilly: “You’re kidding. Who would create a system that stupid?”

“Sherlock”. Haha.

Nigel: “The barcode and the name were inextricably linked. There was no need.”
Bug: ”Heh, no need.”

Brian looks kinda like Peter.

Brian: “They’re here to see their daughter.”
Bug, Lilly, Nigel: “Now?”
Brian: “Yeah.” *looks confused*

Brian’s kind of adorable.

Oh, great, Sherlock’s dying. Wait, no, dead, more like. People who hang with Jordan tend to have a high mortality rate. Since she works in a morgue and all. Haha, I crack myself the hell up.

“Jahden”. Oy. But I’m totally calling her that from now on.

Jahden: “You’re bleeding!”
Max: ”That tends to happen when you get shot.”

Okay, maybe I don’t hate him. I still wish James had come back instead of him, though.

Max: “I’m not dead am I?”
Nurse: “No, we usually put a sheet over you if you are.”

Max: “You didn’t check me in under my real name, did you?”
Jahden: “Uh…”
Max: ”Jahden!”

Nurse: “I really don’t get paid enough for this.”

“How is that possible?” Oh, sweet Jesus. Am I the only one who yelled “DUH!” at the screen?

“We should have never framed him.”

Woody: “Lemme guess, it’s your dad, and he got abducted by aliens, and-“
Max: ”Actually, I’d like it if I got abducted by aliens. It’s good to see that you two are still getting along so well.”

I wouldn’t leave them there. Am I the only one who remembers the way a serial murderer just walked out of that station? Sheesh.

Aw, Woody. You’re cute.

Woody: “Jordan? What just happened?”
Jahden: ”The lights went out.”
Woody: ”Yeah, but why?”

What? What does cheese mean? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Whoa. Five million dollars!

Aw. Garret. You’re such a sweet guy. And Nigel has the coolest hair right now.

Haha. Jahden opens and shuts the drawer to wake Max up.

Jahden: “I don’t make much money either, but you don’t see me robbing banks.”

Max: “For God’s sake Jahden, when are you gonna stop being disappointed in me?”
Jahden: ”When you stop being so disappointing.”
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