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Of rugby, relationships, hit lists, and teachers kicking ass. And some ranting.

Today in Relationships Mr. Deall was guest-speaking again, and he was talking about interfaith marriages for a bit. He used some example in which there was a slight difference in the religions, we discussed, and then he said "Now, what if you're Catholic, and your spouse is Protestant?"

My response: "Then you don't go to Ireland."

Chelsea, Jess, DeChe', and Mike all burst into laughter, 'cause they're dorks like that.

Anyway, our match against DC went swimmingly. Even with the hail. And the "us playing two short for a full half". One of the idiot boys from Legacy's boy team was smoking a cigar, too. I felt like slapping him, really. But I was watching Campden - and by watching, I mean putting my arm around his waist and letting him flop about while hanging in midair. I figured it was okay since Day routinely picks him up by the front of his jacket and carries him like that when she has to go over for a quick meeting. He's a cute kid.

Who I don't think I've ever mentioned before. Heh. He's this cute little two year old, Day's younger boy. The older one is named Ariel, he's about age seven or eight, but he stays with his dad most of the time.

The other day at practice, Day brought Campden, and we practiced rucking and mauling for about forty minutes, then she had us switch to our trainers if we had brought them, saying she was taking us for a run. So we run up this slope in the park, and then has us stop and says "Now, I want you to walk down this hill, then sprint back up. But wait, first, turn around-" we turn to face her, backs to the hill. "-and have fun!" And she waves her arms at the playground behind her. She cut practice forty minutes short so we could play on the playground!

It was awesome. If you've never seen ten high schoolers at a little kid's playground, it may seem odd to you, but everyone was exclaiming about various things, climbing on EVERYTHING, sliding down the slides, climbing UP the slides... It was awesome.

Then I caught sight of the swings, and just HAD to go. Because I love swings. So of course I swung for about twenty minutes, and almost threw up. Actually, I almost threw up after the first five, but I just love to swing.

And tonight was the Senior vs. Faculty basketball game. Faculty won, buy about ten points. Mr. Henry was freaking AWESOME! I mean it, he should be the basketball coach instead of the baseball coach. And there was this one teacher who looked like a student who was also awesome, and I thought I heard a girl mention he was the TENNIS coach. Sheesh. And, of course, teachers were knocking the seniors left and right, and the announcer was obnoxious, and the rap music was loud. I love basketball games.

On a more serious note, yesterday they found a hit list written on one of the boy's bathroom walls at Laredo. Which would have been a pretty big deal, but was made ever bigger by the fact that it was all African-American students listed. My first thought was, "Would they have called it racially motivated if it was all white kids on the list? Hell no." Most would say that my first thought should be one of worry, but seriously? I went to Laredo, and I'd say that any kid who didn't at least have a mental hit list after going there for longer than two months probably had some serious issues. Callous, yeah. True? Yeah. Does that mean that Laredo students routinely have shoot-outs? No. The one incident - ONE. INCIDENT. - of ANY sort of violence in all three years I went there was a sixth grader who stabbed a seventh grader with a pocket knife, and that case wasn't one where the sixth grader purposefully went after the guy - I don't think he even knew the guy before they got into the fight.

Most Laredo kids take out their murderous tendencies on themselves, in a passive-agressive manner. Building up stress until they pass out in the middle of the soccer field, faking headaches and stomachaches to get away from teachers/students who are the problem, deliberately provoking loose dogs in order to miss school, subconciously making themselves fall down stairs. Not killing others.

And personally? I'm also sick of everyone thinking that racism can only be against minorities. Yes, I realise that is a problem, and it's a sick, violent thing, and I'm not defending the kid who wrote the hit list, but there was absolutely no speculation on whether or not he could simply dislike all those kids personally, and they just happen to be of the same race! Whereas, had it been all white kids, that would be automatically assumed.

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