Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,


Proof of my geekiness: I just Googled "Amelia DeLongpre" + "Abel Koontz".

Alas, only results were from futoncritic, NeptuneSite, and some local UPN affiliate. Ah, alas.

EDIT: Also, I must get Sports Utility Vehicle s1 on DVD. Not for Benson or Stabler - hell, not even really for Munch! But for the wonder that was Brian Cassidy. That one episode, the one at the college with basketball folks? He was freaking hilarious. Sadly, it be one of the few s1 episodes which TWoP? Did not recap. Le sigh. I would have loved to see the reaction to Cassidy's "Yo bitch" speech. Because that was a thing of beauty.

I blame jetblue and their DirecTV. I watched how many repeats of SVU on that stupid plane trip? Jeez.

(And yes, my icon happens to be a joke within a joke.)

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