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JTT. And shirts.

Oh JTT, why does TWoP hate thee so? 'Cause y'know I luv ya.

(God, did I just say 'luv'? WTF is wrong with me?)

Can't wait until "Weapons of Class Destruction". Love the title, too. The only bad thing about Veronica Mars titles is that they're too long for me to make witty subject titles of (see my Buffy and Angel episode posts from waaaay long ago, such as "The Girl in Question" is Very Amused, "Power Play" for My Heart, etc etc). Alas.

Shirts I want from glarkware:

Anyway, I was going to tell you all about my uber-huge crush on JTT when I was a small tyke of 5-7 years old. But then I got bored. So no reminiscing for you!

Just wait till next week. Mwah.

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