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Deranged hunger-induced ramblings. Aka, more of the same.

Haha, I feel incredibly stupid. I totally forgot that Price cancelled Seminar 'cause she's in Disneyland. Which means, yay, computer time! Also means yay, I have time to do all that research crap for my World Religions Socratic on the Death Penalty. Since all I did before was look up stats, not actually arguments. And somehow "Well, see, Shirley Bellinger, in this one Oz episode..." doesn't much count. At all.

Haha, I'm such a loser, too, I've got seven books in my bag. Two Angel books, the Hearse You Came In On, murder^2, Dog Eat Dog, Surviving in Prison, and Children in Prison.

Yeah, I've switched from my forensics kick onto a prison kick. Ain't no thang. (What the hell does THAT mean, anyway?) I'm still royally pissed at how long it's taking for my seasons 1-3 to get their asses shipped. I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em I want 'em!!!

And amen, Finn. It IS early.

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